Three ways to work with us

There are many ways to work with us, but we find that these are the 3 main ways to get started


You have a project in mind, know what you want and the issue that needs to be solved. Send us your brief and we will respond with ways to address it. Typically these tend to be short to medium term, advertising and media creation projects and you have a price in mind.


You have a business case that needs solving. Send it our way and let us do the thinking for you. The more complex , the better. Building new tech can be puzzling and you might not know what needs to be done.This is where we ask the question and propose a solution.

Long Term

This is the preferred way to work with businesses who need ongoing, long term digital and media solutions. If you have outdated systems or infrastructure that needs digitising, we can put a plan in place to address these and ensure on-going up-keep and maintenance. 

Long-term Digital & Media Consulting

We build great long-term relationships through a hybrid out-souring model; 
we manage your internal staff externally, saving you a bunch on overhead managment fees


Success Story

Long Term Digital Media Consultancy

A-List Entertainment are Australia's largest touring comedy agency. They have been around for over 20 years and dare we say it, had a lot of paper systems in place. 20 years of paper! 

From here, we undertook an extensive (and we mean, extensive)  look at their digital infrastructure, current online advertising strategy, media development, websites, I.T systems and completely overhauled it.

We succesfully;
- Upgraded all ICT infrastructure to inaugurate cloud ecosystem
- Set-up an in-house video capabilities, studio and graphics team
- Hired permanent team members to work on social and media creation
- Built websites and VOD platforms for their artists
- Manage the infrastructure of over 20+ artist pages across Facebook, Instagram & Youtube
+ SO much more!

A-List Entertainment
- Our client for 5 years and counting

Some of our past clients and projects


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